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Solar Energy Centers Support Local Economies

Solar energy centers make great neighbors as they help to move Florida toward energy independence. Our solar energy centers use a free and renewable resource – Florida’s abundant supply of sunlight – to generate cost-effective electricity, without the need for water or fuel and while placing little to no demand on public services. This clean, emissions-free energy also helps to keep customer bills well below the national average by reducing the company’s reliance on the fluctuating cost of fuel. Solar energy centers also provide economic benefits for the communities in which they are built.

two fpl workers talking on a solar field

Job Creation

Every solar energy center generates about 200 to 250 jobs during the construction phase and provides an economic boost to local businesses through the purchase of goods and services. Additionally, our construction contractors will typically host local job fairs and purchase local resources whenever possible. In general, our rapid solar expansion across the state is creating thousands of jobs and training opportunities for long-term careers.

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Increased Tax Revenue

Each solar energy center generates hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax revenue each year for the counties where they operate. Over their life span, that equates to millions of tax dollars that county leaders can use for everything from schools and roads to hospitals.

front view of a two-story house on a sunny day

No Impact on Property Values

Studies show that large-scale solar energy centers have no negative effects on surrounding property values. We design our solar energy centers with our neighbors in mind. Each solar energy center operates virtually unmanned which means there's no increase to local traffic for the nearby communities. Our team also works to create natural vegetative buffers to minimize visual impacts.

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Economic Development Opportunities

Green energy is becoming an increasing draw for large companies with proximity to renewable energy being a significant factor for job-creators. This means our solar energy centers can also serve as catalysts for economic development.