Easy and affordable solar

Begin your solar journey today — enjoy bill savings and help support a more sustainable future.


FPL SolarTogether® is a collaborative community effort, which makes going solar easy for everyone. Designed with convenience and budget in mind, the program empowers you to start your solar journey in a way that fits your life, without the hassle and upfront costs of rooftop panels. Instead, you’ll benefit from the solar produced at our large-scale energy centers we’re building across Florida. Allowing you to play a part in creating a cleaner, more sustainable environment for future generations. 

Reasons to enroll


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No rooftop solar panels

Forget installation, maintenance, or insurance worries.

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Every home qualifies

Rent or own? House or apartment? You’re in!

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No long-term contracts

Zero upfront costs. Subscription transfers with you.

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Custom subscription levels

Options based on your needs and budget.

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Pays for itself

­   Bill credits increase annually and help you save money over time.


Helping to protect our air, water and wildlife, one subscription at a time

By switching to solar energy for just one year, you're not only contributing to the equivalent of planting more than 100 trees, but you’re also championing a more sustainable future for all.*

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Here's how it works

Select a subscription level

You can choose to have up to 100% of your home’s energy use offset by the SolarTogether energy centers. Select a level, in one kilowatt (kW) increments, matching your needs and budget. For example, a family of four typically chooses 7 kW, which is 100% of their bill. The subscription charge is fixed forever at $6.76 for each kW you’re subscribed to. Your SolarTogether charge/credit info will be included in your Bill Details.

See a sample bill


7 kW subscription level

x    $6.76 fixed subscription rate

$47.32 monthly charge

Sit back as we harness the power of the sun

Even if it’s raining near you, we’re still producing solar. Our centers are built and placed across Florida to help us generate energy in all types of weather. You benefit by getting the highest amount of solar generation, estimated at 180 hours per month; these hours are multiplied by your kW subscription level. The result is the kilowatt hours (kWh), or measure of solar production, your subscription generated which is used to calculate your credit.**


180 energy hours generated

x    7 kW subscription level

1,260 kWh solar energy

Enjoy monthly bill credits

Every month, you’ll receive bill credits based on the solar energy your subscription produces. This amount is multiplied by the credit rate $0.036. After year one, the credit rate increases every year. And it’s flexible — if you move, the program is transferrable to any residence within our service area.


1,260 kWh solar energy

x    $0.036 credit rate year one

$45.36 monthly bill credit

Watch sunshine turn to savings

Year after year, your credits increase — and in year four, they’re more than the charge! These extra credits reduce your energy bill and lower your monthly payment. The longer you’re in the program, the more you can save.

a graph depicting the increase in bill credits over years enrolled in the SolarTogether program


Still have questions?

Watch our quick video for more details.

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* The environmental CO2 emissions equivalence (trees planted) is based on EPA’s AVERT 2022 Florida emission rates for a typical home max subscription of 7 kW and assumes tree seedling are grown for 10 years. The power generated by the FPL SolarTogether solar energy centers will be delivered directly to the energy grid, where it is combined with power generated from other conventional energy sources in FPL’s system.

** In any given month, season or year, actual credits may be higher or lower than average. Actual solar generation is influenced by varying weather conditions such as cloudiness, temperature, the angle of the sun, rainfall and other factors. Due to this weather variability, it is expected that actual subscription credits will vary from the estimate month-to-month, year-to-year or over multi-year periods.