What is FPL SolarTogether?

  • FPL SolarTogether, is a voluntary community solar program that will give all FPL customers, whether you own or rent your home or business premises, an opportunity to participate directly in the benefits solar energy while receiving bill credits on your monthly FPL bill for savings generated.
  • The program was filed with the Florida Public Service Commission (PSC) in March 2019. If approved, we anticipate offering enrollment later this year.

Who can participate in FPL SolarTogether?

All FPL customers are eligible to participate, regardless of whether they own or rent their residence or business.

Why is FPL offering this new program?

FPL is committed to advancing the use of clean solar energy in Florida. This program is a next-generation solar option for customers designed to offer flexibility, convenience and the opportunity to directly support the expansion of solar energy in Florida while receiving credits that are expected to reduce their monthly bills over time.

How much solar energy can I subscribe to?

FPL SolarTogether participants may offset up to 100% of your energy usage with solar.

When can I expect to see this program lower my monthly FPL bill?

We expect that FPL SolarTogether participants will see a slight increase in their monthly bills before they realize a net bill reduction within 3 to 5 years – and achieve simple payback within 7 years.

How will the program appear on my bill?

Your program’s subscription cost and credit will appear as two individual line items on your monthly FPL bill, so you can easily see the impact and savings of your subscription.

When will billing begin for FPL customers who enroll in the program?

  • Participants will not see a line item on their bill until after the solar energy centers dedicated to this program are operational for one full calendar month.
  • We expect the earliest you would be billed for your subscription is the first quarter of 2020.

With my participation, will the solar energy produced through the program be delivered directly to my residence or business?

No, the power generated through the FPL SolarTogether program is delivered directly to the energy grid, where it is combined with power generated from conventional energy sources in FPL’s system. 

What if I move – is my FPL SolarTogether subscription transferable?

Yes, your subscription is transferable as long as you move to another location within FPL’s service territory.

After I enroll, can I leave the program or change my subscription?

  • After your first billing cycle in the program, you can unsubscribe at any time. However, you will not be able to re-enroll for a 12-month period and are subject to subscription availability. 
  • You may also elect to reduce or cancel your subscription following your first billing cycle.

Where will FPL build the new solar projects to support the program?

  • FPL will build and operate new and dedicated universal solar energy centers for this program throughout the FPL service territory.
  • FPL SolarTogether will significantly expand solar energy in Florida. Pending PSC approval, FPL plans to install new universal solar at 20 new solar power plants over the next two years to meet anticipated customer enrollment.

How is FPL SolarTogether different from the FPL SolarNow™ program?

  • FPL SolarTogether and FPL SolarNow are two distinct programs. FPL SolarNow is a voluntary program that enables participating customers to support the installation of small solar arrays in local communities, such as parks, zoos and museums, and further the education of solar generation.
  • FPL SolarTogether is a new voluntary solar program that gives all FPL customers an alternate option to participate in solar energy, while earning bill credits that offset your energy use and help reduce your bills.

Will participants in FPL SolarNow be impacted by this new program?

No. Participants in FPL SolarNow will remain enrolled in SolarNow program and are eligible to also participate in FPL SolarTogether.

How does FPL SolarTogether compare to private (rooftop) solar?

  • FPL supports private solar, and we continue to work with our customers who choose private solar and their installers to help ensure the safe interconnection of their systems.
  • The FPL SolarTogether program offers customers a solar option that is flexible and convenient. Customers will not be bound to a long-term contract, financing, equipment or termination fees. Your subscription is also transferable if you move within FPL’s service territory.

FPL already has many universal solar plants operating – why is this new program needed?

The program gives those who cannot afford, do not want to install, or are unable to install rooftop solar an alternative option for participating in solar and sharing in its benefits.

What if the program is not approved by the PSC?

  • We are optimistic that the PSC will see the same value in the FPL SolarTogether program as do many of our customers.
  • You can sign up at www.fpl.com/solartogether to get updates on the program and the timeline for its approval and next steps.

Who should I contact if I have questions about this program?

If you have further questions, please e-mail us at solartogether@fpl.com. If you would prefer to speak to a customer service representative, contact us at 1-800-226-5885.