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Advancing solar in Florida


SolarTogether, an FPL Shared Solar Program, allows customers to share in the benefits and costs of universal solar while receiving monthly bill credits on their FPL bill.

The program will be filed with the Florida Public Service Commission (PSC) in March 2019. We anticipate to offer open enrollment in the Fall of 2019.

Reduce your energy costs while achieving your sustainability goals



  • Offset up to 100 percent of your energy usage (subject to availability)
  • Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) are retired on your behalf
  • Receive bill credits immediately


  • Simple payback between 5-7 years
  • Fixed monthly subscription rate
  • Escalating bill credits
  • No maintenance, operational or insurance costs


  • No upfront cost
  • No long term contract
  • Subscription is transferable to another store or location
  • Subscription cannot be sold or transferred to another customer

How the program works

  1. Determine your subscription share by selecting the amount of energy you wish to offset – up to 100%
  2. Calculate your monthly subscription cost based on the fixed subscription rate of $6.76/kW multiplied by your subscription share
  3. Estimate your monthly subscription credit based on your subscription share multiplied by the amount of solar energy produced multiplied by the subscription credit rate


100 kW subscription example

solar panels

Shared Solar Subscription

100 kW subscription share

x $6.76/kW fixed subscription rate



Your Monthly Subscription Cost



Solar Energy Produced

212 hrs per month

x 100 kW subscription share



21,200 kWh solar energy

business building

Subscription Credit

21,200 kWh solar energy produced

x $0.0308/kWh subscription credit rate



Your Monthly Bill Credit



That means you get solar energy for just $23 for the month!*

* Illustrative examples presented here for demonstrative purposes only, program charges and credits will be established per the Florida PSC approval tariff.

And over time, the annual benefits are forecasted to exceed the costs.



Estimated Annual Bill Impact

100 kW Subscription Example



The graph above shows the estimated bill impact over a ten-year period for a 100 kW subscription example. While the annual subscription cost remains the same year after year, due to the fixed nature of the subscription rate, the annual subscription credit grows annually. In the first year of a 100 kW subscription, program participation would cost approximately $275, which is the difference between the subscription cost of $8,112 and the credit of $7,837. By year five, the annual subscription remains $8,112 and the credit grows to $8,202, so the credit exceeds subscription cost by $90. By year ten, the cost of the subscription is still $8,112 and the credit is now $8,683 for the year, increasing the credit difference by $570.