Wetland Mitigation Benefits MapBenefits to the Environment

FPL's Everglades Mitigation Bank (EMB) is strategically located between two national parks: Everglades National Park and Biscayne National Park. This connectivity contributes to a wildlife corridor that allows wildlife to roam freely between the two parks.

Everglades Mitigation Bank has worked closely with wetland experts and governmental agencies to design, build and monitor the mitigation bank's wetlands to the highest standards. EMB has the resources, desire and incentive to ensure the long-term success of these wetlands, so they will continue to thrive for the benefit of future generations.

Benefits to the Developers and Landowners

Purchasing credits from the Everglades Mitigation Bank allows permit applicants (landowners or developers) to eliminate expenses associated with traditional on- or off-site mitigation. These expenses include suitable land, engineering reports, wetlands studies and the physical work necessary to preserve, restore, enhance, create and ensure the success of the wetlands.

Wetland mitigation banking allows a permit applicant to mitigate unavoidable impacts by purchasing "wetland mitigation credits" from a wetland mitigation bank that services the impact site. This process can save permit applicants significant carrying costs, in addition to the costs associated with identifying and designing a mitigation site.

Purchasing mitigation credits from Everglades Mitigation Bank eliminates uncertainty about a mitigation project's success.