Energy Manager

FPL’s free Energy Manager tool shows you when, where and how your home uses energy.

Try the Energy Manager’s all-in-one tools

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    View your home's usage over time with the Energy Dashboard to see when you use the most energy.

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    The Energy Analyzer shows you where your home uses energy, so you can learn how to use less and save more.

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    Complete the Energy Survey to activate the Energy Simulator and see how small changes can save you big over time.

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How the Energy Manager works

Watch this video and learn how to use the FPL Energy Manager tool, including the Energy Analyzer, Energy Simulator and Energy Calculator.

Get personalized insights

Improve your Energy Manager results by answering a few short questions about your appliances and how you’re using your energy. Take the survey and you’ll get:

  • Customized tips on how to make your home more efficient.
  • Specific solutions for your family and how you use energy.
  • Quick access to FPL programs and incentives that can help you save more.
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FPL House of Savings

This immersive, augmented-reality experience will show you how you can save energy in your home today.

Visit the House of Savings

Looking for more ways to save?

Discover your energy savings potential with our programs, tips and tools.