Learn about The Energy Manager’s all-in-one tools that will help you see when, where and how your home uses energy, so you can take full control of it.

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View your home's usage over time with the Energy Dashboard to see when you use the most energy.


The Energy Analyzer shows you where your home uses energy, so you can learn how to use less and save more.


Complete the Energy Survey to activate the Energy Simulator and see how small changes can save you big over time.

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Improve your Energy Manager results — to save even more — by answering a few short questions about your appliances and how you use your energy. The Energy Survey helps you get customized energy tips for your home.

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Follow these easy energy savings tips to save up to $17 on your next bill

  • Set your thermostat to 68°.
  • Change air filters so your system runs as efficiently as possible.
  • Reduce the temperature setting on your water heater.

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Energy savings will vary for customers on special programs, including FPL Budget Billing®.


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This immersive, augmented reality experience will show you how you can save energy in your home today. Scan to begin the experience on your tablet or mobile device.

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