• Bills even lower

    Bills getting lower

    Starting March 1, rates will decrease thanks to the end of the Hurricane Matthew surcharge and close of a coal plant, making bills 30 percent lower than the national average.

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  • Passing savings on to you

    Passing savings to you

    By using federal tax savings to cover the $1.3 billion cost of Hurricane Irma restoration, we’re avoiding a rate increase, and saving each of our customers an average of $250.

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  • Smart grid, smarter savings

    Smart savings

    Smart grid devices make service more efficient and reliable, creating savings that we pass along to you.

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  • Savings at work and home

    Savings at work and home

    At work as an FPL Natural Gas Trader, I negotiate contracts and find savings to pass on to our customers. At home, I am one of those customers.

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  • Natural savings

    Natural savings

    Natural gas is an affordable part of our energy mix, saving customers $9.3 billion in fuel costs since 2001, and helping keep bills among the lowest in the nation.

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