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Working toward a cleaner future

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A Thriving Biscayne Bay

From birds to fish to American crocodiles, FPL’s Turkey Point Clean Energy Center’s biologists are passionate about protecting Florida’s plants and animals.

Support from the Community

Everglades Foundation: The Everglades Foundation was very pleased to hear Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez announce a potential collaboration with Florida Power & Light to treat and reuse 60 million gallons of County wastewater. Read

Audubon Florida: The reclaimed water project at Turkey Point by Florida Power & Light provides an opportunity to switch their source of water for industrial use from potable to reclaimed, leaving more water supply for human use and for the natural systems. Read

Water Research Foundation: In the proposed project, we perhaps have the best opportunity in years for Miami-Dade County to begin making strides to meet its reclaimed water goals established by the State of Florida’s Ocean Outfall Legislation. Read

National Parks Conservation Association: This partnership has the potential to address environmental challenges facing the County and FPL, while also supplying additional freshwater needed for ecosystem restoration. Read

Florida Oceanographic Society: The proposed project at the Turkey Point energy generation complex will provide a way for Miami-Dade County to reclaim and utilize wastewater that is currently being disposed of through an ocean outfall at more than 100 million gallons a day. Read

Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida: Freshwater resources being in such great demand by wildlife and society alike in South Florida, this project deserves continued evaluation. Read

Florida International University: We support Miami-Dade County and FPL in these endeavors to increase renewable energy usage, and our students are excited to have the opportunity to participate in the projects that will increase the viability of renewable energy in the near future. Read

Builders Association of South Florida: As builders, we continue to support infrastructure partnerships that help maintain clean, reliable and affordable energy options for our community. That is why BASF is firmly in support of this joint partnership, whose purpose has several very important environmental and community benefits for Miami-Dade. Read

Electrification Coalition: As an organization, we believe innovative public-private partnerships are critical to solving the energy-related challenges we face.  The recent partnership that was announced between Miami-Dade County and FPL is a tremendous example of this kind of approach to problem solving. Read

Hialeah Chamber of Commerce: As we look ahead to the future development of our city, I am excited about the plan Miami-Dade County Mayor Gimenez and FPL are working on, which includes solar power and the extension of the Turkey Point license to operate another 20 years. In fact, I applaud the Mayor and Commissioner Chairman Bovo’s leadership in finding win/win solutions addressing the County’s pressing 2025 Ocean Outfall reclaimed water requirement and FPL’s plans to transition the cooling canals back to a healthy ecosystem. Read

Former MDWSD Director John Renfrow: The collaborative agreement between Florida Power and Light and Miami-Dade County to build an advanced reclaimed water treatment facility near FPL’s Turkey Point complex is a step in the right direction (Former Director of Miami-Dade Water & Sewer Dept. John Renfrow) Read

Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce: The private/public partnership of FPL and Miami-Dade County for water treatment merits further study. Read

South Florida Hispanic Chamber of Commerce: Miami-Dade County is in discussions with FPL to collaborate on the construction of a reclaimed water treatment facility at the County’s south district station. Mayor Carlos Gimenez calls it a “win-win” for both sides and the Greater Miami Chamber agrees. Read

Bague Group: Things are looking brighter for Miami-Dade. This week Miami-Dade County announced a partnership with Florida Power & Light. Read

Latin American Business Association: The LABA was encouraged to learn of the innovative approach being proposed by Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez and Florida Power & Light. The plan will meet the ocean outfall mandate by 2025, and will help reduce salinity levels in the cooling canals at the Turkey Point Nuclear Power Plant. Read

Latin Chamber of Commerce of U.S.A.: CAMACOL has for several decades partnered with FPL. As we understand it, the proposed collaboration between Miami-Dade County and FPL will not only help provide for a healthier ecosystem but it will also reduce costs and provide for new employment opportunities. Read

Hialeah Chamber of Commerce and Industries: As we look ahead to the future, I am excited about the plan Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez and FPL are working on, which includes solar power and the extension of the Turkey Point license to operate another 20 years.

City of Golden Beach: I was encouraged to learn of the agreement between Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez and Florida Power & Light. If approved by the Commission, the effort could result in approximately 60 million gallons of waste water being treated prior to being reused at Turkey Point. Read

Association of Cuban Engineers: Our organization supports the proposed reclaimed water partnership between Miami-Dade County and FPL which is expected to effectively treat and recycle waste water.

Miami-Dade Chamber: We have urged the Miami-Dade County commissioners to approve the project and are proud to support your involvement. Read

Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau and Greater Miami & the Beaches Hotel Association: Resolving these issues would also support Miami-Dade’s tourism and hospitality industry, which relies on our beautiful beaches to attract millions of visitors each year. Read