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Innovative energy and water solutions for Miami-Dade County

FPL and Miami-Dade County are partnering on innovative projects to advance clean energy, conserve Florida’s water resources and protect the plants and animals that share our planet.

Working toward a cleaner future

A thriving Biscayne Bay

From birds and fish to American crocodiles, FPL’s Turkey Point Clean Energy Center’s biologists are passionate about protecting Florida’s plants and animals.


FPL Miami-Dade Clean Water Recovery Center

FPL is partnering with Miami-Dade County to develop a state-of-the-art, advanced reclaimed water treatment facility called the FPL Miami-Dade Clean Water Recovery Center (CWRC).


The facility will further treat and reuse up to 15 million gallons per day of reclaimed water from Miami-Dade County. FPL will use 100% of that reclaimed water to cool the natural gas plant at FPL’s Turkey Point Clean Energy Center.

A win-win for FPL customers, Miami-Dade County and the Sunshine State, the CWRC will:

  • Increase resiliency at the Turkey Point Clean Energy Center, which helps provide power for all FPL customers
  • Help Miami-Dade County meet the reuse requirements under Florida’s Ocean Outfall Legislation
  • Provide a cost-effective way to reuse and recycle treated wastewater that would otherwise be discarded
  • Conserve Floridan Aquifer groundwater at the Turkey Point site – a precious resource for all Floridians 

Learn more about the Clean Water Recovery Center.

Miami Dade Clean Water Recovery Center Video Tile

Watch this video to learn more about the Miami Dade Clean Water Recovery Center

Support from the Community

“In the proposed project, we perhaps have the best opportunity in years for Miami-Dade County to begin making strides to meet its reclaimed water goals established by the State of Florida’s Ocean Outfall Legislation."

- Water Research Foundation (Read)

“The reclaimed water project at Turkey Point by Florida Power & Light provides an opportunity to switch their source of water for industrial use from potable to reclaimed, leaving more water supply for human use and for the natural systems.”

-Audubon Florida (Read)

“Resolving these issues would also support Miami-Dade’s tourism and hospitality industry, which relies on our beautiful beaches to attract millions of visitors each year.”

-Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau and Greater Miami & Beaches Hotel Association (Read)

Advancing Clean Energy in Miami-Dade County

Building a brighter energy future with solar, battery storage and innovative microgrid technology

Miami Dade Solar

Harnessing the power of the sun

In 2019, the company built the FPL Miami-Dade Solar Energy Center. Featuring roughly 300,000 solar panels, the solar energy center generates enough solar to power approximately 15,000 homes. Learn more.

FPL will also be constructing Miami-Dade County’s second solar energy center. Read more about FPL Everglades.

FPL EVolution

FPL EVolution

FPL is partnering with Miami-Dade County to change Florida’s transportation landscape. The company has installed seven electric vehicle charging stations across the county. FPL is positioned to have one of the largest public fast-charging networks in the state. We currently have more than 200 locations across Florida with many more to come. Learn more.

FIU battery storage

Innovative battery and microgrid technology

FPL is making major breakthroughs in battery storage and microgrid technology. Innovative projects in Miami-Dade County include a building-sized battery in Wynwood and an innovative microgrid developed in partnership with Florida International University. Learn more.