Scammers target residential and business customers through various scams including posing as an FPL employee going door-to-door, via phone calls or text, and online by posting impostor websites or phone numbers. Scammers often threaten disconnection unless immediate payment is made via phone, text or in person. 

Make sure you and your loved ones know the key signs of scams and how to keep from being targeted.


By Phone

Don’t trust Caller ID, scammers can manipulate the name to appear to be FPL. Call the number on your bill or call 800-697-5223.

Email or Text

Delete suspicious text or email asking for payment.


Don’t use an online search. To contact FPL, call the number on your bill.

At Your Door

Shut the door and call the police if a visitor without FPL identification tries to collect payment or aggressively sells you any products.

Prepaid Cards

FPL will never ask customers to pay outside of our authorized forms of payment through authorized payment locations.

Threats to Disconnect

Hang up on suspicious callers demanding immediate payment and threatening immediate disconnection.


If you think you have been a victim of a scam or identity theft, report the scam to local law enforcement and FPL by using the button below.

Report a scam

For phone or digital scams, you should also file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Florida’s state consumer protection agency


Unexpected visits or missing identification

FPL WILL NEVER show up to a customer’s home or business to collect payment through a prepaid card like MoneyPak, gift card, cryptocurrency or wire transfer services such as PayPal, Zelle, Cash App or Venmo, to avoid service disconnection.

If an account becomes past due and is subject to disconnection, FPL will contact the customer via a prerecorded message to the primary account telephone number and by letter requesting that the customer call FPL to discuss the account.

FPL WILL NEVER try to sell you a product at your door.


FPL employees such as lineworkers and/or contractors may show up without advance notice for the following situations:

  • Tree trimming

  • Surveying

  • Meter work, etc.

FPL employees and contractors may occasionally knock on your door to inform you of construction projects, like undergrounding power lines. If they do come to your home or business, ask them for identification or to see their supervisor who should have an FPL contractors’ badge. FPL employees are easy to identify. If in doubt, call the number on your bill to confirm a visit.

Protect your personal information

Beware of callers asking for your personal information. Think before providing any details about yourself or your account.  

FPL WILL NEVER ask for personal information, such as account numbers or your Social Security number, unless you call us – in which case we will ask questions to confirm you are the account holder. Only call us using the number on your bill; avoid searching for our number through online search engines like Google.

FPL WILL NEVER text you to request immediate payment. You would have to opt in to receive text message notifications from FPL. These notifications will not ask you for personal information and will instead lead you to pages at FPL.com for the next steps.

Scammers will call, usually in a very aggressive tone, requesting payment through a credit card, pre-paid debit card like MoneyPak or gift card; or through Cryptocurrency, PayPal, Zelle, Cash App or Venmo. If the scammer demands payment or threatens immediate disconnection or shutoff of service, customers should hang up right away.

Online imposters or suspicious websites

Scammers are becoming more sophisticated online, and it is important to know how to detect online impostors. 

Check the URL: Look for inconsistencies in the domain name. Scammers often create URLs that can closely mimic our site but may have slight misspellings or extra characters. 

Look for HTTPS and Padlock Icon: Look for a padlock icon in the address bar. This signifies a secure connection, providing an extra layer of protection for your information.

Avoid online search for phone numbers. Only use the phone number found on your bill. Scammers have been manipulating search results to display false numbers to lead unsuspecting customers to believe they are calling us, when in fact, it is a scam. If you need to contact us, use the telephone number printed on your bill.


FPL takes the security of your information very seriously. We have robust policies, processes and systems to safeguard your information. We are also a proud member of Utilities United Against Scams.


What if someone calls me or sends me an email and I am concerned it may be a scam?

  • Hang up the phone or delete the email. It could be a phishing email to get access to your online activity and personal information.
  • Report suspected scam/fraud to complete a detailed report for FPL to review and take action as needed. 
  • Do not give out personal information unless you initiate the call to FPL, in which case we ask questions to verify you are the account holder.
  • Check your account status online or on the FPL Mobile App.

What if an FPL employee shows up wanting access into my home without an appointment?

  • It is rare that an FPL employee or contractor requires access inside your home or business. However, it is possible that an FPL employee or contractor will require access to the meter on your property without an appointment or notice.
  • Should you have any doubt, always ask to see their FPL employee or contractor photo identification badge and work request number prior to letting them on to your property. You can also call the number on your bill to confirm.

What if I receive an unsolicited energy survey call?

  • FPL does not solicit our customers by phone to offer Home Energy Surveys.
  • Our FPL Energy Experts will visit your home only if you request it and make an appointment.

Who do I contact to report a scam?

What is the late payment process and how do I make sure it is not a scam?

To spot a scam, you should know the process for late payments:

  • We try to be as flexible as possible, giving customers 21 days after the bill issue date to make a payment.
  • If we do not receive payment past the 21 days, the balance is considered late, and a Final Notice is sent showing the amount due and a secondary due date.
  • If payment is still not received, FPL will contact you by email, if on file, regarding the payment. 

I Googled FPL and spoke to someone, but I don't think they were truly FPL. Was my account or information compromised?

There are scams online and it's possible your information was compromised by an impersonator. Call the number on your bill to get help or report the possible scam. Your report will help identify fraud trends and can lead to investigations and arrests. FPL cooperates fully with local and state law enforcement agencies to investigate scams reported to us.  

If you believe you've been scammed, in addition to reporting it to us, we encourage you to report it to the local police and the Florida Attorney General’s Office.