• New, state-of-the-art natural gas
    plants and more solar means
    lower bills

Discover below how our investments in technology have led to cleaner, more reliable and affordable energy.

Producing clean energy efficiently means savings for you

  • Natural savings

    Natural gas is an affordable part of our energy mix, saving customers $10 billion in fuel costs since 2001, and helping keep bills among the lowest in the nation.


  • Made in the USA

    Investing in energy produced in America means we're using 99% less foreign oil, generating energy that’s reliable, affordable and clean.


  • A clean energy story

    Read about Billy Cavender’s commitment to clean energy – running one of the most efficient and cleanest power plants in the world, all while keeping costs down and bills low.


Installing 30 million solar panels by 2030

  • solar power plant

    Solar, delivered

    Eighteen solar power plants and other solar installations are using more than five million solar panels to help power customers. And, millions more are on the way.


  • solar panel installation

    More solar coming

    As part of our commitment to becoming America's largest producer of solar energy among electric companies, we’re installing millions of solar panels each year.


  • Geoff West

    Meet Geoff West

    His love of Florida began at a young age when he would spend summers in Barefoot Bay visiting his grandparents. Today, he’s part of the largest solar expansion in the country.


More Solar for the Sunshine State

We’re on a journey to make the Sunshine State a world leader in solar energy while keeping bills among the lowest in the nation.

The most intelligent grid in America is also the most reliable grid
in your neighborhood.

  • Increased reliability

    Continued improvements in your neighborhood have led us to a service reliability that’s increased by 32% over the last decade.**


  • Smarter service

    Our smart devices identify, predict and prevent potential issues before they become outages. This means you can go about your day worry-free.


  • Tech tools

    We’re using the latest technology to deliver your energy future. Get an in-depth look at the cutting-edge technology that powers your life.


image of power line with smart grid technology

Smart technology keeping your lights on

Your electric grid is stronger and smarter when you flip the switch, the lights go on, with thousands of smart devices making your grid the most intelligent grid in America.

*Based on FPL January 2020 typical 1,000 kWh bill and Edison Electric Institute Summer 2019 Typical Bills report.

**Based on 2008-2018 SAIDI scores.