• Delivering America’s best energy value

Moving solar forward

We're on track to bring you 30 million solar panels by 2030, making Florida a leader in solar energy while keeping bills among the lowest in the nation.


A stronger, smarter grid

By putting lines underground, we’re working to make the most intelligent grid in America the most reliable grid in your neighborhood.


More affordable energy

State-of-the-art natural gas plants means generating energy more efficiently, passing savings on to you. This allows us to keep FPL bills lower than 46 states.*


Innovation that delivers

Cutting-edge technology like our storm response drone will monitor lines even while we're still experiencing a storm's effects, to restore power faster.

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Exploring the latest technology to keep bills low

We’re always looking for new ways to bring you the best energy value in America.



*Based on FPL January 2020 typical 1,000 kWh bill and Edison Electric Institute Summer 2019 Typical Bills report. Averages only include utilities that report their rates to EEI and may not be all-inclusive (Nebraska and Alaska are not included). FPL bill includes the state gross receipts tax but do not include credits, local taxes or fees that may be applicable in some jurisdictions.