Powering a sustainable future

By using innovative solutions, such as solar and battery storage, and improving renewable energy infrastructure, we are creating a reliable and sustainable energy future. Our goal is to consistently provide you with dependable service.

Delivering clean energy

Florida’s abundant sunshine serves as a steady fuel source helping generate energy with lower fuel costs and no emissions. Cleaner air, healthier ecosystems and energy independence are the benefits our customers can enjoy today and for generations to come.

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Reliable electric service

Every day, our customers benefit from the nation’s most advanced energy grid, which helps us improve service reliability today and beyond. We’re excited to continue to strengthen our grid by integrating more smart grid technology to avoid outages, expanding our Storm Secure Underground Program, and more.

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Powering homes with sunshine

Delivering reliable energy means using a mix of energy sources. That’s why we operate solar energy centers throughout Florida. Using fuel from Florida’s sunshine, solar energy is now the most cost-effective option for new power generation – and costs less to operate and maintain than new natural gas power plants.

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Integrating battery storage

We’re leading the charge in energy storage technology – including the operation of one of the world’s largest solar-powered batteries. Energy storage can improve reliability and enhance solar integration to create a stronger grid for our customers. We’re ready to deliver affordable, clean energy 24/7 and in good weather and bad.

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Begin your solar journey

FPL SolarTogether® makes going solar easy for everyone through a collaborative community effort. No need for upfront costs or rooftop panels. Play a part in creating a cleaner, more sustainable environment with solar energy from our large-scale centers.

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