We’re building a future you can depend on

Taking intelligent technologies in a whole new direction — underground — for a more reliable energy future.

Discover more about our clean energy journey and what it means for you and our state.

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Count on us

For reliable energy you can count on in good weather and bad, we work continually to strengthen and smarten America’s most intelligent grid. In the face of climate change and frequent severe weather, we're putting more of our neighborhood lines underground and hardening poles to make your energy even more resilient.

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Clean & renewable

We’re taking on the future by eliminating our use of foreign oil and coal and replacing it with solar and clean American-made natural gas. With 30 million solar panels being installed by 2030, and one of the world’s largest solar battery storage facilities, we’re ready to deliver clean energy 24/7 for generations to come.

See how we're making your energy cleaner

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Keeping bills low 

From groceries to healthcare, prices keep going up! But at FPL, the price you pay for energy has gone down in the last 15 years. Our focus on working efficiently allows us to keep bills low and collectively save customers billions annually in operational costs — about $24 a month on a typical residential customer’s $99 bill.

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Looking forward

We’re building a cleaner energy future by adding more solar energy and investing in “green hydrogen,” which uses the sun's energy to power equipment that separates hydrogen from oxygen within water. This hydrogen will be mixed with natural gas, generating electricity that is cleaner and could lead us to creating an energy future free of carbon emissions. 

Full speed ahead

As the third largest users of electric vehicles in the country, Florida drivers need more places to charge. Our investments in technology allowed us to quickly implement FPL EVolution, an initiative that will increase the amount of charging stations across the state, making it easier for you to drive electric and reduce emissions.

Planning. Preparing. Investing.

Taking steps today to deliver — for the next generation, and all of us — cleaner, more reliable energy that’s also affordable.

Florida deserves an energy future we can depend on.

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While other prices go up, your energy bill remains low.

planning, preparing, investing

How we capture and store green hydrogen

As the Cavendish Solar Energy Center operates, a portion of the zero-emissions energy will flow directly to the grid, while the rest goes to a nearby water-filled electrolyzer. The electrolyzer then separates the water into hydrogen and oxygen. The oxygen is released harmlessly into the air, while “green hydrogen” is compressed and stored on-site. Once needed, the hydrogen can be blended with natural gas to produce cleaner energy that can be distributed across FPL’s energy grid.