Your good energy neighbor

We continue to make investments in building the strongest, smartest energy grid to be able to provide the safest, most reliable energy for customers in the state we also call home.

split image of fpl employee in her home and at work

Our commitment to you

Each day, we put the people of Florida first and take pride in delivering clean, reliable, affordable energy because to us, this is more than a job. Florida is our home, and we will continue working to exceed your expectations and meet the state’s growing energy needs.

aerial view of cotton creek solar energy center

Creating a sustainable future 

Using a stable fuel source like the sun means more stable bills and future savings that benefit everyone. With 50 solar energy centers, and more to come, and the integration of battery storage, we’re ready to deliver clean energy 24/7 for generations to come.

fpl employee holding a tablet and overseeing power plant

American-made natural gas

As part of our commitment to advance clean energy and meet Florida's future energy needs, we continue investing in highly efficient, American-made natural gas. These investments have reduced our use of foreign oil by approximately 99% since 2001.

aerial view of a power plant and a solar field on a sunny day

Looking forward

We’re adding more solar and investing in “green hydrogen,” which uses the sun's energy to power equipment that separates hydrogen from oxygen within water. This hydrogen will be mixed with natural gas, generating energy that is cleaner and will help create a carbon emissions-free energy future.