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We're ready. Are you?

When you're an FPL employee who's also a customer, getting ready for storm season takes on a whole new meaning. While we're preparing all year at work, we're also preparing at home, to keep our families safe.

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Ready to respond together

First responders help keep us safe during good weather and bad. As we prepare for storm season, we stand ready to do our jobs so they can do theirs. We work together safely and as quickly as possible to get the community back to normal. Together, we answer the call.

Using Tomorrow’s Technology Today

From his first patent on an idea he had at 8 years old to manning the 15 drones FPL uses to survey hard-to-reach areas, Eric is keeping us at the forefront of technology. Innovation helps us find better ways to deliver more reliable energy, while passing savings on to you.

Passing the savings on to you

That’s what FPL customer and employee Mirielys Nieto does each day, for you, by negotiating contracts for the American-made fuel that powers our natural gas plants.

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Floridians everywhere are turning into energy experts​

Understand your energy usage and find new ways to lower your bill with smart tools from FPL. Saving like an energy expert has never been easier.​

There's an FPL app for that

The new FPL mobile app helps you see how much energy you’re using, view or pay your bill, report or check on the status of an outage, and even get ahead with the new projected bill feature. It's like having an FPL energy expert in your pocket, ready to help you wherever you go.

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Stay in the know with new Outage Alerts

Life is hectic enough, and when a storm hits, know that we’re out there working for you. And now, with new FPL Outage Alerts, in the unlikely event your lights go out at home, we’ll keep you in the know until your power is back on.

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Thank you for weathering the storm with us

For many of you, Hurricane Matthew left a trail of destruction, and we sincerely appreciated your patience and understanding as we worked to restore service to you and 1.2 million homes and businesses throughout the state. We know that returning life to normal after a major hurricane is important and getting the lights back on is a big part of that. On behalf of the entire FPL family, thank you for your support. Know that at FPL, we will never stop working to find better ways to serve you.