FPL participating contractors are businesses agreeing to comply with our Program Standards. This list is not a recommendation by FPL of a particular contractor.

Since the availability of service work and the associated prices will vary by contractor, you may wish to shop around for comparison. Ask your contractor about minimum charges, hourly rates, and cost of materials. It is suggested that a contract be executed prior to commencement of work so all costs are understood and so you understand how much you will pay after credit for FPL's incentive certificate.

FPL Program Standards state that the contractor must comply with national, state and local codes pertaining to the installation of the system. It is the responsibility of the consumer to verify that the contractor complies with applicable codes and ordinances, and that all applicable permits are obtained. The verification conducted by FPL of customer installations is only to confirm the installation qualifies for FPL incentives. It does not substitute for a proper inspection by local code enforcement authorities.

FPL makes no representation or warranties, expressed or implied, concerning the amount of energy savings, the materials installed by, or the workmanship of a participating contractor.