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What will I need to complete the Supplier Account registration process?

You will need your company’s Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN), Purchase Order Number and ZIP/Postal code.

What is a valid user ID and password?

Your user ID and password should be something that you can easily remember and is hard for others to guess.

User IDs must:

  • Be 6 to 25 characters
  • Include letters (A-Z, a-z) and/or numbers (0-9)
  • Not include spaces or special characters (- , & . , etc.)

User ID examples:

  • ABCCorpUser1
  • Tigers
  • Dolphin
  • 500Apples

Passwords are case sensitive and must:

  • Be 8 to 25 characters
  • Include letters (A-Z, a-z) and numbers (0-9)
  • Not include spaces or special characters (- , & . , etc)
  • Not be the same as the user ID

Password examples:

  • Timmy143
  • 301daleE
  • Dolpfan13
  • Puppies2play

Can my company have more than one User ID?

Yes. There is no limit to the number of IDs one company can create. We encourage each employee that will be accessing your company’s information to have his/her own ID for security reasons.

What if I forget my user ID?

If you forget your user ID, you can request to have your user ID emailed by entering your company's Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) and email address.

What if I forget my password?

If you forget your password, or your password is not working for some reason, you can create a new one if you can provide the following information:

  • Exact user ID
  • Email address (used when you registered)
  • The security answer

You chose one of the following security questions when you registered:

  • Make or model of your first car?
  • Middle name of your Father?
  • Middle name of your first child?
  • Name of the street you grew up on?
  • Name of your favorite teacher?
  • Name of your first employer?
  • Name of your first school?
  • Your best friend in high school?
  • Your favorite childhood TV show?
  • Your high school mascot?

When you fill out the Forgotten Password form, you will be prompted to create a new one online.

Can I change my password?

Yes. Log in with your current user ID and password then click on Change Password. You will be prompted to enter your current password once and your new password twice.

After I have registered will I be given any special consideration in seeking business with NextEra Energy Inc.?

No. We make procurement decisions on a competitive basis and consider all pertinent criteria, such as safety, quality, cost and reliability.

How is information secured?

Your company's information can only be accessed by completing the registration and authentication process. You need your company’s Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN), purchase order number and ZIP/postal code to authenticate.

Whenever we ask you to send personal and confidential information over the Internet, we first establish a "secure session" using encryption technology. During a secure session, our computer exchanges key information with your computer to create a secured conversation between your computer and our server. View our Privacy Policy for more information.

Note: if a registered person departs your company, please contact your purchasing agent or email us and request that we delete their web ID.

Can we bookmark Supplier Account?


Why does my session expire?

Sessions expire after 30 minutes of inactivity. This is done to:

  • Protect your privacy in case you forget to log out, and
  • Reduce server load.

In order to continue once your session expires, you will need to log in again.

I hit a button and nothing happens. Why?

If you hit a button or click on a link and nothing happens for an unusually long period, or logging in takes too long, your browser is "hanging." This means that it is waiting for information from a server. At certain times during the day, the network connection between your computer and ours becomes busy and sometimes you have to wait a little longer for a response. It may help to:

  • Click "reload"
  • Click “refresh”
  • Try your connection at a later time

What are the different ways I can search for a PO on the Purchase Orders (ECC) report?

There are many ways to use this search screen.

To view a specific PO, enter the PO number into the Purchase Order Number field and press Submit.

To view a listing of the most recent POs, leave the default values and press Submit. This will display all your POs created within the past 30 days.

To view all POs created off a contract, enter the contract number into the Contract field and press Submit. This will show you all POs referencing the contract within the past 30 days.

Want to do a more sophisticated search? Use all the search criteria - the Contract, Purchase Order Creation Date From/To, and the Purchase Order Status fields can be used in conjunction with each other.

The results will show real-time data.

How can I see my past due POs?

Quickly view past due ECC purchase orders by selecting the Purchase Orders (ECC) report from the Supplier Account menu. Follow these simple steps:

  1. On the search screen, select the Purchase Order Status of Delivery Past Due
  2. Press Submit. This will show past due POs within the past 30 days. Date options: You have the flexibility to change the date range to see a wider range of past due POs.

So once search results are displayed, what level of detail can I see?

From the results page, you can quickly view general information about the PO. You can see if the order is past due, has an open material discrepancy and if there are comments.

Click the PO hyperlink to see details about the specific PO. From the detailed level, you’ll be able to see where the order was sent, general information (e.g. when the PO was created, who created it, etc.) and PO text. There’s also an area where you can see detailed line item information such as line item status, the stocked material number, tax information, freight terms, delivery information, ordered quantity, received and invoiced quantities, plus over valuable details.

You can also add comments to a PO by clicking on the Add link in the Message Board column. Or see comments or material discrepancies by clicking on the View link.

How current is Supplier Account data?

The Purchase Orders (ECC), Invoice and Payment reports show real-time data. The contact information, contracts, past due material, purchase orders (Nuclear) and inventory consignment data is refreshed daily at approximately 5 a.m. EST.

Quick tip: Remember to always check the report header area for a clear indication on how current the data is.

Material Forecast data is refreshed once a month and the work order demand is refreshed daily. This report will also show the information as of date.

Does the data include all NextEra Energy Inc subsidiaries – NextEra Energy Resources and FPL FiberNet, as well as FPL?


Can I change my contact information through Supplier Account?

To request updates, please contact your Purchasing Agent.

Please note, changing a Headquarters Address requires submitting a new form W-9. Changing FEDI information requires submitting a new FEDI agreement.

How can I find a specific contract or purchase order?

You can use Supplier Account. After logging in, click on the appropriate report to find the contract / purchase order number you need and then follow the links to the information you need.

Can I look at other vendors’ data?

No. The information within the Supplier Account is protected. Companies can see only their own data.

Can I see payment/invoicing information?

Yes, but you must request access by contacting us via email.

Can I download data from Supplier Account?

Yes. You can print any of the Web pages to which you have access by using the browser print option.

How can I offer suggested improvements to Supplier Account?

Please contact your purchasing representative.