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storm secure underground program

FPL is continuously looking at opportunities to enhance the reliability of our service in good weather and bad.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, we saw that the number one cause of outages was debris blowing into and trees falling onto our power lines. The trees, many of which were outside of FPL’s easement or public right of way, and were beyond where FPL trims, damaged our equipment, power lines and poles. Trees also blocked roadways, which slowed the restoration efforts.

Since 2006, we’ve made significant investments to strengthen our electric system and make it more resilient to severe weather. These investments include hardening and undergrounding certain power lines. And, we saw how this benefited our customers by minimizing damage and speeding the restoration process after a storm like Hurricane Irma.

That's why we started the Storm Secure Underground Pilot Program to underground certain neighborhood power lines -- typically the power lines in back yards or side streets.

This pilot will, among other learnings, help us determine how cost effectively we can underground these power lines to restore power faster after severe weather, as well as enhance day-to-day reliability.

The Storm Secure Underground Pilot Program is one of the many ways we are improving the quality of your service.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Storm Secure Underground Pilot Program

When and where will this underground pilot take place?

The program will take place throughout the regions we serve. We are communicating directly with customers who have been selected to participate in the pilot project.

How is FPL considering power lines to be placed underground?

The company has used several criteria to determine the location of these projects, including power lines' performance during Hurricanes Matthew and/or Irma, outages on power lines due to vegetation issues and performance of power lines during day-to-day operations.

Why was one part of a neighborhood picked over another?

Each project needs to meet our criteria. FPL has selected projects located throughout its service area to obtain a better understanding of regional differences and issues.

How will this impact my property if I am part of the project?

In most cases, FPL or its approved contractors will use low-impact drilling equipment, which minimizes disruption to your property. Once construction is complete, we pledge to restore your property to its pre-construction condition.

Are customers paying more for the program?

There are no out-of-pocket or upfront costs required to participate in the program. Project costs are covered by the Storm Protection Plan Cost Recovery Clause paid by all customers. 

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