The Storm Secure Underground Program (SSUP) is one of the many ways we are enhancing the resiliency of our grid and the reliability of the service we deliver to you. By replacing overhead neighborhood power lines with more reliable underground lines, we’re working to avoid the leading cause of power outages – trees and vegetation coming into contact with overhead lines. Since the program’s inception, we’ve improved service reliability for thousands of households, and we are excited to continue bringing the benefits of underground power lines to many more of our customers across Florida.

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In the Community

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FPL placing more underground lines throughout Southwest Florida

We continue to make grid improvements following the devastating impacts from Hurricane Ian.

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Informing our customers about SSUP

Throughout the year, our customer outreach specialists host community meetings to inform customers of the benefits of participating in an SSUP project and what they can expect during the construction process.

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FPL kicks off SSUP projects in Coral Gables

City leaders joined us to celebrate the beginning of several projects that will bring many of the area’s power lines underground.


2019 Storm Secure Underground in West Palm Beach, Fla., on March 15, 2019.

“It’s like a new world – fabulous. Every year trees were falling on the power lines and causing outages. We haven’t had any outages since FPL put in the underground lines in 2019. And the crews were courteous and professional and left my property like they were never here.” Chris Johnson, Sarasota (Sarasota County)


“Putting the power lines underground has improved reliability and peace of mind in our community. Our neighborhood has a lot of trees and we would often lose power during storms when branches would blow into overhead power lines. We were without power for a long time after Hurricane Irma. Placing the lines underground is much better.” – Tammi Hellinger, Pinecrest (Miami-Dade County)


 “Severe weather struck our area just one day after FPL brought our power lines underground. Looking at the significant damage we had on our property, including two snapped wooden poles that had been providing our power just two days prior, we likely would’ve been without power for days, if not weeks. My family went without power for almost two weeks when Hurricane Wilma struck almost two decades ago, so we know the importance of and work that goes into having power following severe weather.” Tim Caesar, Palm Bay (Brevard County)


How do underground power lines perform during severe weather and day-to-day?

Underground neighborhood power lines performed roughly six times better than overhead lines during Hurricane Ian in Southwest Florida, and most recently, about 12 times better during Hurricane Idalia. These lines perform more than 50% better on a day-to-day basis.

Why has my neighborhood been identified as a candidate for conversion?

Neighborhoods are selected for the program based on criteria approved by the Florida Public Service Commission (FPSC), prioritizing areas that can most benefit from undergrounding. Selection criteria include: outages during hurricanes, vegetation-related outages and other reliability data.

Why did a customer outreach specialist contact me about undergrounding my powerline?

At the beginning of an SSUP project, we conduct outreach to inform customers of the program and answer their questions. You will receive a letter informing you of selection for electric conversion via SSUP – you may call that direct number or fill out this form should you have any questions.

How do I identify a customer outreach specialist?

FPL employees and contractors may occasionally knock on your door to inform you of projects, like the installation of underground power lines, but will never try to sell you a product. Always ask to see the FPL employee or contractor’s photo identification badge.

If you would like to verify the identity of a customer outreach specialist, you may contact your local customer outreach lead by using the direct phone number provided in the informational packet you received by mail or by filling out this form.

FPL SSUP employees are dressed in FPL uniforms, a safety vest and carry a badge

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Why did a customer outreach specialist request an easement on my property?

We require an easement demonstrating your permission for us to enter your property to install, maintain, repair and/or replace underground power lines and other equipment, such as the examples below, including a padmounted transformer. The standard easement area for this project is 10 feet by 10 feet but may vary depending on field conditions.

As part of the notarization process when signing an easement, a customer outreach specialist will ask you to verify your identity by presenting a valid form of identification, such as a driver's license.

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Is SSUP a scam?

No. SSUP is a program approved by the Florida Public Service Commission to help improve grid resiliency during severe weather and also to enhance reliability day-to-day by replacing overhead neighborhood power lines with underground lines.

Who pays for SSUP?

There are no out-of-pocket upfront costs required for SSUP. Rather, the costs are recovered from all customers through a Storm Protection Plan monthly charge approved by the FPSC, which includes SSUP and several other storm-protection programs. For a typical residential 1,000-kWh customer, this charge is less than $4 a month in 2023.

What if I want my home or neighborhood to have underground service?

Customers can engage with FPL to begin the overhead-to-underground conversion process at any time without needing to meet FPSC selection criteria. Unlike SSUP, the costs of voluntary undergrounding are paid by the municipalities or communities opting to convert their lines. Visit FPL.com/Undergrounding to learn more about voluntary undergrounding or click here for a comparison of our two undergrounding programs.

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Our friendly customer outreach specialists are available and ready to answer all your questions about bringing underground power lines to your neighborhood. 

Contact us with any additional questions related to SSUP.

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