At FPL, we understand how much you depend on electricity. When you flip the switch, you expect the lights to come on. We agree.

Delivering reliable electric service is job one for us. While our service is among the best – 99.98 percent reliable – we’re never satisfied. That’s why we’re working every day, in good weather and bad, to improve your service even more.

Extensive improvements every year

Since the devastating hurricanes of 2004 - 2005, FPL has invested more than $1,4 billion to make the system perform better in extreme wind and storms. And, when outages occur, these improvements help us restore your power faster. Here are some of the major upgrades we’re making again this year:

  • Inspecting utility poles.  We inspect more than 130,000 poles each year to make sure they meet our standards for strength. When laid end to end, that’s a line stretching from Miami to Washington, DC.
  • Clearing vegetation from power lines. Tree limbs and palm fronds growing near power lines are a common cause of power flickers and outages. We proactively clear vegetation from 15,000 miles of lines each year – the distance from Florida to Japan ... and back.
  • Strengthening key facilities. We improve our service to critical local facilities (en español), such as hospitals, police and fire stations, and others. FPL has accelerated this initiative to help more communities get back on their feet faster after major storms.
  • Inspecting power lines. Infrared cameras can find otherwise undetectable issues with power lines and equipment. This infrared camera technology helps us locate many potential problems and address them before they cause an outage.
  • Maintaining our infrastructure. Every day our line workers proactively maintain and repair our electrical network to provide reliable service to our customers. One of these methods includes working on energized power lines that carry as much as 500,000 volts of electricity – 4,000 times the amount that is used in a typical home.

Cutting edge technology

We’re also investing in advanced technology to make the electric grid smarter. These upgrades prevent many outages and, if your lights go out, help us get them back on faster. These technologies, including smart meters and automated switches, are improving reliability by:

  • Identifying and diagnosing equipment issues early so we can service them proactively, preventing many outages before they occur.
  • Automatically rerouting electricity around trouble spots, confining outages to smaller areas.
  • Pinpointing the location of outages quickly – often before customers call to report them – so we can restore power faster.

 See our reliable electric service (en español) fact sheet for more information. To view electric system improvements in your area, see our electric system improvements in your area.