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FPL operates efficient power plants throughout Florida to bring you industry-leading reliability and the lowest bill in the state. The safest way to transport the fuel required to run these plants is via underground pipelines. Our pipelines are operated to meet all state, federal and environmental standards.

You can contribute to your own safety and security by knowing where pipelines are located in your community and by recognizing any unauthorized activity or abnormal conditions near pipelines.

Please report any of the following:

Signs of leaks and ruptures

  • Pooling black petroleum (oil pipeline)
  • Strong petroleum smell or a sulphur smell like rotten eggs (gas pipeline)
  • Dead vegetation near a pipeline
  • Hissing, gurgling or roaring sound

Suspicious activity

  • Unauthorized digging
  • Suspected tampering

Report any such occurrences to:

Palm Beach, Martin, Seminole and Volusia counties - 561-844-5084
Manatee County - 941-776-5235
Broward County - 954-525-9275

How this map works

FPL operates pipelines (shown in red) in the counties marked in blue, namely Palm Beach, Martin, Volusia, Manatee and Broward counties.

Click on the blue county you wish to view. Zoom the map in or out using the "+" and "-" buttons on the zoom bar at the left hand side of the map.