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$254.75 annual residential customer savings based on the following:

  • Replace four 60-Watt standard light bulbs that you use four hours a day with LED bulbs
    • Save $29 a year
  • Replace one 60-Watt standard light bulb that you leave on 12 hours a night for security with an LED bulb
    • Save $22 a year
  • Replace old showerheads with water-efficient models to cut your hot water usage
    • Save $80 a year in a home with two occupants
  • Reduce your water heater temperature by 20 degrees – lower the temperature from 140 degrees to 120 degrees
    • Save about $10 a year
  • Turn the fan off when leaving a room – savings based on stopping one ceiling fan from running all the time
    • Save about $85 a year
  • Use cold water instead of hot water when using your washing machine
    • Save $30 a year
  • Use a power strip to turn off your desktop computer and accessories when not in use
    • Save $24 a year
  • Install a smart thermostat    
    • Save $50 a year on your cooling costs
  • Enroll in our On Call® Program
    • Save up to $91.75 a year

Please note: Home comparisons made within the FPL Energy Manager are based upon size, type and area of home. Comparisons are not based upon; a home's square footage, age, number of people living in the home, or neighboring homes.



$500 annual business customer savings based on the following:

  • $397 per year, attributed to an average business customer with a 10 ton A/C, replacing a 10 EER with a 12 EER unit, with the unit operating 3,869 hours per year
  • $140 per year, attributed to an average business customer enrolled in the Business On Call® program with a 10 ton A/C unit at $2 per ton per month savings for seven months (April - October)