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Energy Dashboard

Understand your usage by the month, day or hour.

Know Your Bill & Compare Changes

Pinpoint where you use the most energy and see how your cycle length, temperature or other factors can impact your bill.

energy usage dashboard

Looking Ahead

View a projection of next month's bill and plan ahead.

FPL energy dashboard showing projected bill

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find my daily and hourly usage?

Across the Energy Dashboard toolbar, you'll find three tabs: Monthly, Daily, and Hourly, where you can toggle between the different usage views. You can also change your view based on your billing cycle, a specific date, or by temperature vs. humidity level.

How do I see different days/hours from my mobile device?

We now offer two ways you can change what you see from your phone. Use the left and right arrows to jump between billing cycles or days. Then, use the scrolling bar to adjust what you see by the day or by the hour. For a broader view, consider visiting the Energy Dashboard on desktop.

screenshot of energy usage in mobile view 

How do I dig deeper into my Projected Bill?

Use the “More Info” link to expand beyond your Projected Bill dial and see a breakdown of recent bill amounts, meter readings and energy usage. 

More info

I have solar PV on my home. How do I see the usage for this rate?

When the toggle is switched to kWh, you can view the excess energy generated. Under the monthly/daily/hourly view, you can see the delivered and received kWh and the change in reserve along with the new reserve amount.

view your solar pv usage rate