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As a Florida Power & Light customer, you already have one of the lowest electric bills in the state and nation, and we want to help you save even more. If you're going on an extended vacation or if you are one of our seasonal residents, we have tips and tools to help you manage your account and save energy while you're away.

Account Management

  • Combine FPL eBill and FPL Automatic Bill Pay® for the easiest way to receive and pay your FPL bill while you’re away.
  • Visit your Profile & Preference Settings to update your mailing address, if you need to.
  • Check your Energy Dashboard to monitor your usage while you are away and check for any unusual changes in energy usage which could indicate an equipment malfunction.
  • If you prefer to close your account while you’re away, you can manage when your service is scheduled to restart using our Start, Stop, Move application.

Top Tips for A/C and Heating

  • Weather is the top driver of high bills, as your A/C or heating system works longer to keep you comfortable. One way to take control of your energy use is to manage your thermostat settings.
  • When traveling away from home in summer or during warmer temperatures, cool your home at 82 degrees or higher for additional savings. In winter or during cooler temperatures, set your thermostat to 65 degrees or lower when you’re away.
  • During summer or warmer weather, every degree you raise your thermostat can save 5% on your monthly cooling costs. It works the same in winter or cooler weather: you can save 5% on monthly heating costs for each degree you lower your thermostat.

Mold Prevention*

  • For programmable thermostats: Set your A/C to run at 72 degrees for just two hours each morning before sunrise and at 88 degrees the rest of the time.
  • For non-programmable thermostats: Set your A/C to run at 80 degrees while you are away. If you live in a condo or apartment, set your A/C at 77 degrees.
  • For maximum energy savings: Use portable dehumidifiers instead of air conditioning. Set dehumidifiers at 58 percent by sinks and showers, one for every 1,000 square feet. Be sure to place the dehumidifiers so the water runs into the drain.


  • Water heater: Unplug or turn off the circuit breaker to the hot water heater.
  • Pool: Set your pool pump to run no more than six hours a day.
  • Unplug appliances and electronics. For security reasons, you may want to place timers on indoor lamps.
  • Refrigerators: If you prefer to keep your refrigerator on, set it at its warmest setting. If your prefer to keep your refrigerator off, make sure to clean the interior with a solution of 1 tbsp. of baking soda in 1 quart of water, dry thoroughly and leave doors open. Remove all food from the freezer and refrigerator and leave the refrigerator door propped open. If you have an automatic ice maker, switch it to the "off" position.

Hurricane Preparedness

  • Make arrangements for hurricane shutters to be installed prior to your departure if you will be gone for the duration of hurricane season, which runs from June to November.


  • Make sure all smoke alarms are working and have fresh batteries.
  • Ask someone to check on your property every two weeks while you're away.
  • Turn off the main water valve unless you have an automatic fire-sprinkler system. If you do, turn off the water valves to your washing machine, kitchen and bathroom sinks, dishwasher and toilets.

*These tips are intended as guidelines to help you save energy and prevent mold growth, but your results may vary. Because each situation is unique, FPL cannot guarantee any particular result will be achieved by following these tips.