Building or buying a new home is a major investment. Incorporate the best energy-saving technology into your home with BuildSmart®, a higher standard in new home energy efficiency.

BuildSmart® is our energy-efficient new home certification program. Here's how it works:       

  • BuildSmart® homes are certified by FPL to be built to a higher standard of energy efficiency.
  • BuildSmart® homes save up to 30 percent on energy bills, compared with homes that simply comply with the Florida building code.
  • Our energy experts partner with your builder to plan, inspect and test your new home's energy-saving systems.
  • Our services include an energy-efficiency analysis and recommendations, testing of HVAC air duct systems by trained FPL inspectors, and verification of energy-efficient upgrades prior to occupancy.

BuildSmart options

BuildSmart Benefits

BuildSmart® upgrades pay you back every month. A BuildSmart® home can save you up to 30 percent or more on your monthly energy bills - and that's just the beginning!

BuildSmart® homebuyers:

  • Experience greater comfort and cleaner indoor air with high-performance cooling and heating systems and sealed air ducts
  • Conserve Florida's natural resources
  • Get peace of mind knowing FPL has inspected and certified their new home

Customized Energy Efficiency

Our energy experts work with you and your builder to find the efficiency upgrades that fit your budget and lifestyle. Choose simple upgrades - or go high tech.

Options can include:

  • High-efficiency A/C systems
  • Sealed A/C duct systems
  • Upgraded ceiling insulation
  • Radiant barriers
  • High-performance windows
  • Moving air-handle into conditioned space

BuildSmart Process

From reviewing plans to moving day, BuildSmart® homebuyers enjoy the support of FPL's energy experts from start to finish.

  • Blueprint for Success - Our energy experts begin by reviewing your house plans. We'll identify options that can save you money for years to come
  • BuildSmart® Consultation - Your FPL energy expert provides information and advice on a flexible set of efficiency improvements for your home
  • Energy Calculations - We will calculate future energy savings to ensure your home is more efficient than Florida's building code requires. We'll let you know how much you can expect to save in the years to come
  • Inspection - FPL inspects every BuildSmart® home to verify that energy upgrades are in place
  • FPL Certification - Once FPL's energy experts are satisfied, your home is certified as BuildSmart®

BuildSmart Certification

BuildSmart® Certification is based on three criteria:                                            

  1. The home's e-ratio score. Florida code requires every home to meet a score of .80 or lower. BuildSmart® homes are targeted to exceed the e-ratio minimum by 10 percent or more, resulting in an e-Ratio of .72 or lower
  2. Cooling and heating air ducts must pass a diagnostic test
  3. The central air-conditioning system must have a minimum cooling efficiency (SEER) of 14

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Program Standards

The objective of the BuildSmart® Program is to encourage energy conservation and to cost effectively reduce your energy consumption through the building of residential new construction. The Program Standards will help instruct program participants in the FPL BuildSmart® process and outline the requirements for your new home to become BuildSmart® certified. Download the Program Standards