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Bright ideas for lighting your home efficiently

The right lighting can enhance your home's appearance and can also contribute to your safety. Lighting does not typically use a lot of energy in most homes but it is still bright to be energy efficient whenever you can. Here are two simple steps to reduce lighting costs:

  • Pick the right bulb
  • Control your usage

Pick the right bulb

Here are two things to consider before you shop:

  • Cost of Operation - The more time the light is on, the more efficient the bulb should be.
  • Wattage - Look for a sticker on your fixture that indicates the maximum wattage allowable and never put in a bulb that exceeds this wattage.

Control your usage

To manage your lighting use and safety, we recommend that you use automatic devices such as:

  • Pre-set timers - Automatically turn your lights on and off.
  • Light-sensitive photocells - Switch lights on at night and off during the day.
  • Motion detectors - Sense the motion of someone walking up or driving within range of a sensor, which switches the light to come on. This security measure does not waste energy.