Electric meters using older mechanical technology had parts that recorded your energy use. Smart meters are digital devices that measure electricity use via a secure wireless network. In combination with other "smart grid" technologies, smart meters make it possible to give you more information about your electricity use and improve our service to you.

With a smart meter, you no longer have to wait for your monthly bill to see how much energy you used and how much it cost. Instead, you can go online or call us to see how much electricity you're consuming by the hour, day and month. Armed with this information, you can make more informed energy choices throughout the month, and identify ways to save money, if you choose. You're in control.

Smart meters also make it possible for FPL and other companies to offer new products and services in the future – such as home energy controllers, smart appliances and mobile apps.

Watch a video about all the benefits that smart grid make possible. 


Benefits Even If You Do Nothing - The Choice Is Yours

Even if you never take advantage of the ability to better manage your energy use, the smart meter provides you with other benefits:

  • FPL is able to prevent many outages and, if they do occur, restore power faster.
  • FPL no longer needs to access your property every month to read the meter because it communicates securely and automatically with us. (We may still need occasional access to perform routine maintenance on the meter.)
  • If you call us with a question, we have more information about your account to help us help you.
  • When you move in or out of your home or business, we don't need to estimate your FPL bill and correct it later; we'll have the accurate information at hand.

Accurate, Secure Devices

FPL's industry-leading quality assurance program ensures that all smart meters meet rigorous standards for accuracy and performance.

Thorough Testing
The smart meters installed by FPL are assembled by General Electric in Bradenton, Florida. FPL requires GE to perform rigorous testing on all smart meters before they are shipped to us. Upon receiving the meters, we conduct additional tests on a representative sample of devices at our Meter Technology Center. Entire pallets of meters are selected for additional testing by third parties.

Privacy and Security
FPL is committed to protecting your personal privacy and security. The data recorded by your smart meter is encrypted and transmitted to FPL via a secure wireless network that complies with the industry's highest standards for cyber security.