Our comprehensive storm plan focuses on readiness, restoration and recovery

We know you depend on us for reliable electric service. We also know that it’s only a question of when and where we’ll be hit by a major storm. That’s why we’re doing everything we can to practice and fine-tune our emergency response plan so we can restore your power safely and as quickly as possible when a storm comes our way.

  • Thousands of FPL employees take part in extensive annual training in which we simulate a major storm and practice our emergency response processes.
  • We secure agreements for assistance from out-of-state utilities in case additional restoration workers should be needed. We also order backup supplies and equipment and plan staging sites throughout our 35-county service area.
  • We work closely with local emergency officials to update lists of facilities that are critical to communities, such as hospitals, police and fire stations, communication facilities, water treatment plants and transportation providers.

We also prepare and strengthen our infrastructure throughout the year by:

  • Clearing tree limbs and branches from power lines
  • Inspecting poles for strength
  • Upgrading poles to concrete, steel or stronger wood
  • Inspecting power lines and equipment with infrared technology to detect issues that can’t be seen with the naked eye
  • Making needed repairs
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Inside a staging site drill