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Some customers suffered extreme damage due to Hurricane Ian and may be unable to receive power for some time and will require electrical repairs. The information below will help you better understand the electrical repair process and next steps.

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informational video about how to safely receive power

Watch this video to learn more about the factors that can impact your ability to safely receive power.

Make sure you’re ready to safely receive power

Steps to restore power if your home’s service connection is damaged.

1. Know what you need to repair

Homeowners own and are responsible for electrical equipment attached to the house (service stack, attachment hardware, riser and meter box) and the pole with an attached meter box for mobile or manufactured homes.

FPL is responsible for the wire or service line to the house and the electric meter.

If the homeowner’s equipment is damaged, repairs will be needed before FPL can connect service.

2. Seek a licensed electrician

Do not hire an unlicensed electrician. It could create safety hazards and possibly delay your power from being connected.

3. Do not attempt to fix the damage yourself

It could create safety hazards and possibly delay your power from being connected.

4. Make sure repairs pass any required inspections

Check with your local government for inspection requirements.

5. Notify FPL at 1-800-4-OUTAGE when you are able to receive power.

Ensure all of the steps above are complete and you are safely able to receive power.

Diagrams showing how electricity gets to your home and who is responsible for which parts of the system

graphic showing what parts of electric system is owned by homeowner or FPL