Power-Related Concerns

Let us know if you experience power issues.

Power Outage

Report an outage or check the status of a previously reported outage.

Vegetation Request

Do you have a tree that's growing too close to power lines?


Report a streetlight that's out or malfunctioning.

Debris Removal

Request the removal of debris from your area as a result of our work.

Power Quality

Are your lights flickering, getting brighter or suddenly dimming? Learn about common causes of power disturbances.

Underground Service Conversion Request

Convert your residential service drop from overhead to underground service.

Leaning Pole

Report concerns regarding a leaning pole that you believe may affect your electrical service.

Ensuring Reliable Service

We are working hard to reduce disturbances and to provide you with the best, most reliable electric service possible.

Deteriorated Pole

If you believe a pole may be damaged, report your concern.

Claims Policy

Learn how to file a claim for food or equipment loss.

Electrical Interference

Find easy ways to troubleshoot TV, radio, phone or computer problems.