Online bill management is easy when you pay and receive your bill through your bank or CheckFree.  Your business can save time, money and choose from a variety of free e-bill services through your bank or CheckFree.  Other services may charge a fee, check for terms and conditions.

Check with your bank’s online payment service for terms and conditions or enroll for free at CheckFree.

How to enroll

  • Sign up at CheckFree or your bank's site by following the instructions provided.
  • Set up bills to be paid by registering and providing the information posted on your regular bill.
  • Your e-bill will be sent monthly and will include the amount, due date and a link to view your bill.
  • Enroll now to get started.

Need help with CheckFree?

If you are having difficulties setting up your service or receiving your e-bills, please contact CheckFree directly at 1-800-564-9184 or visit the CheckFree website.