Is your business spending more than it should on lighting? Interior lighting accounts for more than 25 percent of a business's energy consumption. Replacing your current lighting systems with energy-efficient lamps can result in significant savings over a longer life. Give your business higher quality lighting directed where and when you need it while reducing maintenance costs and cooling loads.

With FPL's Business Lighting Program, your business can get back rebates up to $20 for each qualifying LED fixture and may help you qualify for federal tax credits.


  • New interior High, Mid and Low Bay LED fixtures
  • Other interior lighting technologies also available


  • Existing buildings only
  • All businesses are eligible to participate
  • Lighting system must be pre-approved by FPL before installation

Usage Requirements

  • Minimum operation time from 3 to 6 p.m., weekdays
  • From June 1 to September 30

Start saving today

Follow these simple steps to start saving with FPL's Lighting program:

Business Efficient Lighting Incentive Certificate Spreadsheet

This spreadsheet is provided as a tool to assist in completing the Business Efficient Lighting Rebate Certificate. The Excel-based spreadsheet provides the lighting product codes and calculations necessary to complete the certificate.

Download: FPL's Business Efficient Lighting Rebate Certificate Spreadsheet (XLS)

License: You may not incorporate this Excel file into any other software or make changes to the file format without written approval from FPL. You may not sub-license this file to any third-party entity. This Excel file is provided for your use as an aid to you. You may download and copy to other computers if needed.