Tips for Cooling Your Home

  • man setting his thermostat

    Set A/C to 78° F or more

    For additional savings, raise the thermostat to 82° F while you’re away. Consider installing a smart thermostat, which could save you up to 3% of your total energy costs.

  • bedroom with curtains closed

    Keep the sun's heat away

    Close your blinds and curtains during the day to block harsh rays that make it hotter inside.

Tips for Summer Entertaining

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    Swim in the savings

    Reduce your pool pump's run time by two hours or more per day to save up to $100 annually. In the summer, limit your use to six hours or less per day.

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    Seal it up

    Make sure your refrigerator has a tight seal. If you don't have one all the way around the door, it’s almost the same as leaving the door open.

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    Keep it breezy

    Grill outside instead of using the oven or stove to help keep your kitchen cool.

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    Time for an upgrade

    Consider replacing your old cookware. Flat-bottomed cookware allows for more contact with heating elements. A pot that’s worn out can take 50% more energy.

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Tips for Staying "Always On"

  • woman shutting her laptop

    Let it sleep

    Sometimes, your computer needs sleep too. Use sleep mode on your computer to reduce your energy usage by up to 4%.

  • Person connecting a smart plug

    Smart plug it

    Use a smart plug so you don’t have to keep unplugging your devices. Smart plugs and switches can reduce energy loss when devices and appliances are not in use.

  • man screwing in LED light bulb

    Switch to LED

    LED bulbs last three times as long as CFL bulbs, and use a fraction of the energy.

Tips for Washing and Drying

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    Try drying clothes longer and lower

    Drying at a lower temperature may take more time, but will use less energy than drying at a higher temperature.

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    Lower your water heater temperature

    The average household spends about $15-20 per month to heat water. Lowering the temperature by 10° could save from 3 to 5% of your water heating costs.

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