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Tips to make energy savings simple

Keep your energy costs under control by following these easy tips.

Tips for Cooling your Home

Man touching his AC on his wall

Set A/C to 78° F or more

For additional savings, raise the thermostat to 82° F while you’re away. Consider installing a smart thermostat, which could save you up to 3% of your total energy costs.

A bedroom with closed curtains

Keep the sun's heat away

Close your blinds and curtains during the day to block harsh rays that make it hotter inside.

Tips for Summer Entertaining

Swim in the savings

Reduce your pool pump's run time by two hours or more per day to save up to $100 annually. In the summer, limit your use to six hours or less per day.

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Seal it up

Make sure your refrigerator has a tight seal. If you don't have one all the way around the door, it’s almost the same as leaving the door open.

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Keep it breezy

Grill outside instead of using the oven or stove to help keep your kitchen cool.

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Time for an upgrade

Consider replacing your old cookware. Flat-bottomed cookware allows for more contact with heating elements. A pot that’s worn out can take 50% more energy.

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Tips for Staying "Always On"

Woman smiling at her computer screen

Let it sleep

Sometimes, your computer needs sleep too. Use sleep mode on your computer to reduce your energy usage by up to 4%.

A hand holding a smart plug

Smart plug it

Use a smart plug so you don’t have to keep unplugging your devices. Smart plugs and switches can reduce energy loss when devices and appliances are not in use.

Man changing an LED light bulb

Switch to LED

LED bulbs last three times as long as CFL bulbs, and use a fraction of the energy.

Tips for Washing and Drying

Try drying clothes longer and lower

Drying at a lower temperature may take more time, but will use less energy than drying at a higher temperature.

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Lower your water heater temperature

The average household spends about $15-20 per month to heat water. Lowering the temperature by 10° could save from 3 to 5% of your water heating costs.

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For more personalized tips based on your actual energy usage, activate your free FPL Energy Manager at, and check back at any time to see how changes can help lower your bill.