The Program Standards are used to qualify Participating Independent Contractors (PICs) and/or FPL customers in:

  • Requirements for installations
  • Selecting equipment that will qualify
  • Completing the certificate to redeem the incentive program

Business Efficient Lighting Incentive Certificate Spreadsheet

This spreadsheet is provided to Participating Independent Contractors (PICs)* as a tool to assist the contractor in completing the Business Efficient Lighting Incentive Certificate. The Excel-based spreadsheet provides the contractor with lighting product codes and demand (kwd) and energy (kwh) calculations necessary to complete the certificate. The incentive spreadsheet has up to 10 pages and 40 locations, if needed. All data is cumulative from one page to the next. This tool should only be used to expedite the processing of a Lighting Certificate.

Download: FPL's Business Efficient Lighting Incentive Certificate Spreadsheet (XLS)

License: You may not incorporate this Excel file into any other software or make changes to the file format without written approval from FPL. You may not sub-license this file to any third party entity. This Excel file is provided for your use as an aid to you. You may download and copy to other computers, if needed.