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Residential PV Rebate

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Applications are no longer being accepted. All reservations have been issued.

Throughout the course of the solar pilot programs, we’ve served 116 schools, 8 demonstration projects and over 5,600 customer rebates. To learn more about other solar initiatives at FPL, please visit
The Rebate: $2 per watt of the DC output of a PV system, up to $20,000

Program Standards
Get to know the program requirements.
Application Checklist
Work with your contractor to complete this checklist.

As part of a five-year pilot program authorized by the Florida Public Service Commission, this rebate is available to all existing FPL residential customers in existing dwellings. The rebates are not available for new construction or PV systems that are already installed. Applicants must be current account holders of the premise where the solar photovoltaic system is being installed.

The Residential PV rebate is for solar electric panels, mounting hardware, grid-interactive electric inverter(s), optional battery systems, associated cabling, and for systems over 10 kilowatt AC, disconnect devices. This rebate program is only for grid-interactive PV systems with a minimum nameplate rating of 2 kilowatts direct current (DC) and a maximum nameplate rating of 2 megawatts. All components must be tested and listed by a nationally recognized testing and certification laboratory for continuous interactive operation with an electric distribution system in compliance with the applicable codes and standards of IEEE 1547, IEEE 1547.1, and UL 1741. All products installed must be new, not refurbished or previously installed.

Customers should choose products and contractors carefully, given the many variables involved. The customer is solely responsible for selecting, hiring and managing the contractor who will install the eligible solar products. FPL bears no responsibility for the quality or performance of any products or contractors chosen by the customer.

For more information on the Residential Photovoltaic Program, email or
call 1-800-DIAL-FPL.

Get informed
Evaluate your options*
  • Identify one or more licensed contractors of your choice and schedule meetings to discuss your options.
  • Get estimates, select a final contractor and secure a final quote.
  • Work with your contractor to complete all fields on the application checklist. Be prepared to enter every item on the checklist into the online application.  
Get ready
Get set and go
  • FPL will review your application and notify you of acceptance or deficiencies within three business days at the email address that you provided.
  • If accepted, you will receive an email from FPL with your reservation number and the quantity of funds reserved for your application. (If the final size of your system is smaller than indicated, your rebate will be adjusted accordingly.)
  • From the date your reservation is sent, you will have 90 days to have your system installed and inspected and submit final documentation to FPL to receive your rebate.
  • All PV systems installed under this program must be interconnected with FPL and must comply with interconnection requirements for net metering. If your PV system is a Tier 2 (>10kW – 100kW) or Tier 3 (>100kW – 2MW), you must email a one-line diagram showing the manual visual load break disconnect switch to FPL will review the appropriateness of this switch; notify you of approval or deficiencies; and if approved, send you an invoice for the net metering interconnection application fee. For more information on this requirement, please visit and refer to the Tier 2 and 3 agreements.
  • In the event that rebate funds are no longer available when you apply and you still move forward with installing a PV system (forgoing a future rebate), please be sure to follow net metering obligations at
Claim your rebate
  • When the installation is completed and approved by your local authorities, submit the following documents to FPL by email at or by mail to FPL – Solar Rebates – CSF/CB / P.O. Box 29311 / Miami, FL 33102. Keep copies for your records.
    • The FPL Rebate Certificate with the customer’s signature;
    • A document showing the anticipated annual electric production of the proposed system using the PVWatts-1 calculation (including any appropriate de-rate for any shading);
    • A signed purchase agreement contract for the purchase of the photovoltaic system;
    • Digital photos of the installation and panel nameplate(s);
    • A copy of the contractor’s invoice;
    • A signed interconnection agreement and net-metering application with all appropriate net-metering documentation, including a paid interconnection application fee if your PV system is a Tier 2 or 3;
    • A copy of the appropriate final passed permit(s), indicating that the date of the permit(s) application was after the rebate reservation date; and
    • If your PV system is Tier 2 or 3, proof of insurance. 
  • FPL reserves the right to request additional documentation and/or make a site visit to verify the installation prior to rebate payment. FPL will verify the installation of all Tier 2 and 3 systems.
  • FPL will notify you via email when your documentation is approved and your final rebate amount is confirmed.
  • FPL will mail the rebate check to the mailing address you submitted on your application. You will receive the check within six to eight weeks.

*FPL does not endorse or recommend any individual installers for any of its programs, nor does FPL bear any responsibility for the quality or performance of any products or contractors chosen or hired by the customer. Customers should choose products and contractors carefully, given the many variables involved. The decision to select, hire and the management of the contractor that will install the eligible products is the customer's sole responsibility. FPL bears no responsibility for the quality or performance of any products or contractors chosen by the customer. There are many installers in Florida with varying levels of capability and experience. Please check to make sure the work performed by your contractor meets all applicable licensing and building code requirements.
FPL is accepting online applications only. Applicants must be current account holders of the premise where the solar system is being installed. There is no application fee.

Applications will be considered on a first-come, first served basis for a limited pool of funds. Demand is expected to be high, so rebates may go quickly.

Customers whose applications meet the program standards and requirements will receive "reservations" for rebates until FPL reaches the funding limit established by the Florida Public Service Commission for each rebate program. Customers whose applications do not meet all requirements will be notified and may be able to re-submit if the application window is still open.

Applicants who do not receive a rebate for 2011 can apply for a 2012 rebate beginning in October of this year. Please note that any system components installed prior to FPL's issuance of a rebate reservation will not qualify for the rebate.
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