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Programs and Services

A/C Buying Guide Brochure


A/C Buying Guide

Find the right system with FPL's tips, tools, rebates and incentives

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Top 10 Tips Brochure


Top 10 Tips

Enroll in FPL's energy-efficient programs and break free of high costs

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On Call Brochure


On Call® at Home

Allow us to occasionally cycle off select appliances and save up to $137 per year

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Residential Building Envelope Brochure


Residential Building Envelope

FPL's Building Envelope program can help you save energy and money

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Home Renovating and Remodeling Brochure


Home Renovating and Remodeling

Energy-efficient ideas for your home projects

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Home Appliances Brochure


Home Appliances

What you need to know to reduce energy costs

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Home Cooling Brochure


Efficient Home Cooling

Learn about air-conditioning operation and duct system repair

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Simplify Life Brochure


Simplify Life

Pay and budget your electric bill with three easy FPL programs

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Home Insulation Brochure


Home Insulation

Lighten the load of your air-conditioning unit with proper insulation and more!

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Home Energy Basics Brochure


Home Energy Basics

Learn simple ways to conserve energy and trim costs at home

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Reflective Roof Incentive Brochure


Reflective Roof Incentive

FPL can help you pay to install a new reflective roof

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Customer Assistance

Ways to Pay Brochure

Ways to Pay

Ways to pay your FPL bill

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Special Assistance Brochure


Special Assistance

FPL has several special assistance programs

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Hurricane Guide for Seniors


Hurricane Guide for Seniors

A guide to help plan for hurricane season, designed with seniors in mind

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Manage Your Bill Brochure


Manage Your Bill

Let FPL help you manage your bill

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Understanding Your Bill Brochure

Understanding Your Bill

Understanding your FPL bill

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