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Florida’s energy is on the move

We’re partnering with Brightline to move Florida’s clean energy future forward. From the clean biodiesel we supply to fuel the trains, to solar trees made possible by FPL SolarNow™ participants at Brightline stations, to plug-in electric vehicle charging stations, we’re making the energy of the future work for all of us today.

Fueling your Brightline ride

Not only is this train helping keep cars off the road, but we’re also powering your ride with two million gallons of EarthEra™ clean biodiesel, all to keep reducing emissions.

FPL biodiesel 

Enjoying clean solar energy with FPL SolarNow

Beyond the trains, we’re bringing clean energy to Brightline stations where you’ll find solar projects that provide shade while generating emissions-free energy. These unique solar trees are brought to you by voluntary contributions from FPL SolarNow participants.

About FPL SolarNow

EVs welcome

Park your electric vehicle here, with plug-in charging spots at each Brightline station. Going electric can save more than 50% on fuel costs and 60% on maintenance, plus they’re 70% cleaner than cars powered by gas.

Charged up