LED Lighting

Light-emitting diode (LED) is the preferred lighting standard for communities of all sizes.

As LED gains popularity, manufacturers worldwide are phasing out traditional lighting such as high-pressure sodium vapor (HPSV). For communities that have not yet made the switch, the question is not if they should upgrade, but when. 

Have a light in need of repair? Use our tool to report an outage.

Why change now?

  • Savings — Switching to LED lighting typically saves 25-50% in energy over traditional technologies.
  • Better for constituents — Higher-quality lighting makes a big difference to a community’s appeal, safety, and comfort. It livens up main streets and gathering spots by making them more inviting to residents and encourages active lifestyles by offering safer walking, biking, outside play and socializing.
  • Turnkey service — We handle all aspects of the project, from initial design to responsive post-installation maintenance.

Benefits of FPL’s Lighting Service

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Little to no upfront cost required

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Material, installation, maintenance and energy costs are paid in monthly service fees

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All lights are equipped with Smart Nodes that can auto-generate light outage notification

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24/7 maintenance provided by FPL

What we offer

LED Street Lighting

Street outdoor lighting

We offer a variety of premium streetlights which provide a whiter, brighter and more consistent light with LED technology, designed to meet customer needs through the LT-1 Tariff.

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Email us or call 1-844-4FPL-LED to get started

If you are requesting a Street Light, please contact your local municipality for more information.

LED Area Lighting (parking lots, common areas, private property, etc.)

Parking lot outdoor lighting

We offer a well-designed LED lighting system that makes your private property, parking lots, and common areas more attractive, inviting, and enhances your customers’ and employees’ comfort and security.

LT-1 Tariff

View LED Lighting Catalog

Email us or call 1-844-4FPL-LED to get started

Outdoor lighting


We offer energy efficient lighting solutions on existing utility facilities to make your home or business safer while enhancing its curb appeal.

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To get started, complete the Outdoor Lighting request form, and submit it through FPL’s project portal.

Contact a lighting expert

For more information on lighting, please contact a lighting expert by calling 844-4FPL-LED or email LEDLightingSolutions@FPL.com