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Net Metering FAQs

What is Net Metering?

FPL’s Net Metering program allows customers to interconnect approved renewable generation systems to the grid and provide electricity to their residence or facility, rather than purchasing that energy from their electric utility. Under FPL’s Net Metering interconnection agreement, when a customer’s system produces excess energy that amount is deducted from the customer’s monthly usage before they are billed. If you produce more energy than you receive, the excess amounts are applied to your next month’s electric bill. At the end of each calendar year, any remaining kWh in your reserve will be credited to your account at the annual average cost of generation (COG-1).

How does Net Metering work?

Once an approved system is installed, and a Net Metering Application, a Net Metering Agreement and an approved building permit are received and accepted by FPL, a special billing meter that measures the quantity and direction in which the electricity is flowing, is installed. Note: Tier 2 (10 to 100 kW) and Tier 3 (100 kW to 2 Mw) systems also require proof of liability insurance and an application fee.
The energy your system makes is first used by your home or business. When your renewable generation system is making more electricity than you are using at the time, the excess electricity is recorded by the meter as it flows back into the FPL grid. The excess electricity recorded is shown on your bill as “kWh sent to the grid this period”.
If energy was purchased from FPL, any excess electricity recorded will be applied to reduce your monthly bill. Excess energy made in the current year will be applied to your reserve for use in a future month. If you have excess energy in December, a cash credit will be applied to your January bill.

How much does a renewable generation system cost?

There are a number of renewable generation systems available and costs vary. FPL recommends you do research and shop around to find the system that's right for you.

Are there any tax credits or rebates for installing a renewable-energy system?

FPL does not offer rebates for renewable generation systems. For state and federal renewable energy programs that may be available to you, visit www.dsireusa.org

How is Net Metering billed?

As a net metering customer, you will receive a bill that is similar to your existing electric bill. The excess electricity sent to the grid and the kWh reserve information are located in the messages at the bottom of the bill statement.

Where on my bill can I see how much energy my system produced?

Your electric bill does not show all of the energy your system produced in the past month. The energy you produce that is consumed by your home is not measured by the FPL bi-directional meter. Only your renewable generation equipment can display the amount of electricity your system produced.