LED Street and Area Lighting

Premium LightingChoose from a variety of premium street lights which provide a whiter, brighter and more consistent light with LED technology, designed to meet customer needs through two tariffs.

LT-1 tariff PL-1 tariff
For governments, HOA/Developers, and businesses. Material and installation costs
are paid in monthly service fees.
For governments and HOA/Developers. Material and installation costs are paid upfront.


Email us or call 1-844-4FPL-LED to get started. View the LED Lighting Catalog.

HPSV Street Lights

Street LightsPartner with FPL to help increase visibility of public and private streets in your area from dusk to dawn. Learn more

As of Jan. 1, 2017, FPL will install meters to any new street lights or traffic signals owned by a customer.   

Contact your local FPL Project Representative to get started.


HPSV Residential Area Lighting

Open bottom street lightIlluminate your property and enhance your security with FPL's outdoor lighting options.

To get started, complete the Outdoor Lighting Information form and submit it to your local construction office.   

Keep sea turtles in the dark

Sea Turtles in the darkLearn how to help protect turtle hatchlings by turning off lights near nesting areas.

Learn more