Florida Power & Light Company (FPL): Turkey Point 6 & 7: Improving Reliability, Enhancing Infrastructure

Improving Transmission System Reliability, Enhancing Infrastructure

As part of the new nuclear project, FPL proposes making transmission improvements.
  • New regional transmission lines will provide additional reliability and security in the delivery of electricity to our customers.
  • Approximately half of Miami-Dade's electric needs during peak summer hours are met by power delivered from outside the county.

Selecting the Transmission Line Corridors

FPL has proposed corridors for new transmission lines in the eastern and western parts of Miami-Dade County. Their location was chosen based on input from our customers, agencies, and local governments while also balancing land use, environmental, safety, cost, and engineering issues. As part of our efforts to work with the community, FPL invited other parties to propose alternate corridors.

The FPL-preferred corridors incorporate input from customers. For example, they:
  • Minimize proximity to residential neighborhoods and schools; and
  • Are placed where other similar infrastructure already exists. Over 70 percent are on existing rights of way.

Underground vs. Overhead Lines

As a regulated utility, FPL is required by the Florida Public Service Commission to provide safe, reliable, low-cost electric service to its customers. Since specific underground projects benefit only those in close proximity to the underground project, it is not viewed as appropriate to have all customers pay for undergrounding a project that only provides benefits to some customers.

These images show how the proposed transmission lines in Miami-Dade County could look along the proposed corridor. The image on the left shows the corridor without the proposed transmission lines, and the simulation on the right is what it could look like with the proposed lines.

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Click here to see a map of FPL’s preferred transmission corridors for the Turkey Point Units 6 & 7 project.