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Purchasing Land in Florida

FPL owns properties throughout the state, including those with energy facilities and substations – crucial assets for providing reliable and cost-effective energy to our customers. Additionally, surplus parcels may also be available.

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Using Transmission Easements

FPL controls transmission easements in 50 counties in the State of Florida. Easements allow us to efficiently use parcels of land we do not own. To use a transmission easement — and ensure adherence to our transmission right-of-way policies — complete the application and send it to the representative serving your desired location by both mail and email.
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Asset Protection Administrative Fees

To protect our land assets, we employ several methods such as granting easement releases (up to $250), consent agreements (up to $750) and non-disturbance agreements (up to $250). Processing/administrative fees cover asset protection costs and must be paid by check. Note: Returned checks will result in a denied request.

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