FPL's programs and services offer many benefits to businesses of all sizes. Our programs and services brochures include information on how you can manage your business energy usage and costs.

Programs Services brochure

FPL Programs and Services

Keep your company energy efficient with tailored solutions from FPL

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Direct-Expansion A/C

Switch your company to a high-efficiency system & get a rebate

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Demand Control Ventilation brochure

Demand Control Ventilation

Adjust your building's ventilation for the number of people in it

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Chillers brochure


Maintain comfortable temperatures; keep energy costs at bay

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Lighting brochure


Reduce energy consumption and improve your facility's lighting quality

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Energy Recovery Ventilation Primer brochure

Energy Recovery Ventilation Primer

Learn how an ERV system can save energy and improve humidity control

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Water Cooled Chillers Primer brochure

Water Cooled Chillers Primer

Learn about an attractive cooling method for larger commercial and industrial buildings

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Building controls brochure

Building Controls Technology Brief

Learn how investing in building control technology is an effective way to save energy

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 Lighting Technology Brief brochure

Lighting Technology Brief

Learn which lighting technologies achieve the best lighting performance

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LED Lighting brochure

LED Lighting

LEDs can improve your lighting quality and reduce your bills

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Energy Recovery Ventilation brochure

Energy Recovery Ventilation

Cut HVAC energy costs by up to 20 percent a year & get an FPL rebate

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 Kitchen DCV brochure

Kitchen DCV

Maximize savings with kitchen demand control ventilation

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Thermal Energy Storage brochure

Thermal Energy Storage

Take advantage of this cutting-edge technology to lower your energy bills

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On Call brochure

On Call

Lower your electric bill the easy way with FPL's Business On Call program

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Demand Control Ventilation Primer brochure

Demand Control Ventilation Primer

Learn how a DCV system can save energy & lower your bills

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Air chillers primer brochure

Air-Cooled Chillers Primer

Learn about an attractive cooling method for smaller commercial and industrial buildings

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Building envelope brief brochure

Building Envelope Brief

Learn how the components of a building envelope directly affect cooling and heating performance

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HVAC Technology Brief bochure

HVAC Technology Brief

Learn the pros and cons of various HVAC energy-efficiency measures

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Managing Multiple Accounts brochure

Managing Multiple Accounts

Learn how new online enhancements can help you manage multiple accounts.

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