After a storm, we’re focused on getting life back to normal safely and as quickly as possible

All our efforts after a storm are guided by one principle – restore power to the largest number of customers safely and as quickly as possible:

  • We repair power plants and damaged transmission lines and substations, which are essential to providing electric service to all of our customers.
  • We prioritize restoring power to critical facilities such as hospitals, police and fire stations, communication facilities, water treatment plants and transportation providers.
  • At the same time, we work to return service to the largest number of customers in the shortest amount of time − including service to major thoroughfares that host supermarkets, pharmacies, gas stations and other needed community services.
  • Once larger repairs have been made, we restore service to smaller groups, working around the clock until everyone has power again.
  • Learn more here about how FPL restores power

When to expect estimated times of restoration

We know you need information to make plans, and we pledge to keep you informed throughout the restoration effort. Our estimated restoration times are based on the amount of damage a storm inflicts on the electric system and the resources we have available.

  • 24 hours post-landfall, once we have conducted damage assessments, we will provide an estimate of when power will be restored for all customers.
  • 48 hours post-landfall, as our field crews continue to make more thorough assessments, we will provide a county-by-county restoration estimate.
  • 96 hours post-landfall, we’ll provide restoration estimates at a more local level.

Please help us keep the phone lines open for emergency calls and only contact us to report a downed power line or other emergency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is power restored to everyone in my neighborhood except me?

Storm damage can affect main power lines, individual power lines or both. Your individual power line could be damaged or your home could be on a different main power line than your neighbor’s home. Your home may also need internal electrical repairs before you can receive service.

If power is on:

  • Across the street: Your neighbor is on a different power line. FPL crews will make the needed repairs as they work their way down the wire towards you.
  • Your side of the street: Then you may be on the same power line, and the following steps are recommended:
    • First, reset all your circuit breakers. Be sure breakers are reset by actually switching each breaker OFF and then back to the ON position.
    • If that is not the problem, check your building’s connection to FPL. Look at the meter, the box that holds it, and connected pipes and wires on the wall of your building. If the meter box, pipe or wires are bent or broken – repairs may be needed before FPL can restore power. If it looks damaged, contact a licensed electrician. Don’t touch damaged equipment. If the meter itself is damaged, FPL crews will replace it when they arrive in your area.
    • If steps 1 and 2 don’t identify the problem, then the transformer serving your building needs to be repaired by FPL. Crews will make the needed repairs as they work.

Can I do anything to speed up the restoration process?

Yes! Customers can help in several ways:

  • First, we want you to stay safe by staying away from flooded areas and downed wires.
  • When driving, please clear the way for utility trucks. That’s a little thing that really helps.
  • When you see trucks in your neighborhood, please let them work.  Asking the crew questions slows restoration down for everyone.
  • When cleaning up, keep debris piles away from utility poles and transformers.
  • We appreciate your help as we work to ensure everyone’s power is restored safely and as quickly as possible.